Email Communications

(Monday March 16th)

The staff of ALC gathered this morning to check in with one another, make steps for a path forward, to make a plan about staying connected, and to offer prayer.  It is an uncertain time but we continue to follow the ways of Christ in caring for our neighbor, that imperative stays the same.  

A few notes for you about how to stay in touch:

1) Call your church friends! Check in on Bible study mates! If you don't have numbers and need an updated roster please contact the church office. If you are willing to call some church members who you may not know, please let the office know and we can give you names of new friends to make. 

2) Follow the church Facebook and Instagram accounts: American Lutheran Church Billings on facebook and amluthbillings on Instagram.

3) Check your e-mail for updates from the office and links to videos or other resources posted by your pastors and staff.

4) You can always leave a voicemail for the church at 252-4171.  The pastors and staff will be checking for messages frequently. 

5) Continue to pray for our church, the world, and all who are in need, trusting in God's abiding presence in this time.

Social distancing does not mean social isolating.  We continue to care for each other and follow the example of Christ.



Pastors Tim and Elizabeth

American Lutheran Church

5 Lewis Ave.
Billings, MT 59101
United States