Volunteer Opportunities- Click HERE

Volunteers are always needed to help make Sunday mornings, well... happen! Below are the options to serve and the links to sign up:
IMPORTANT!!!!! When signing up on your phone or other device, select the date or dates you wish to serve, then SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN and click "SUBMIT AND SIGN UP." If you don't click the SUBMIT AND SIGN UP button, you have not signed up, and that spot it still available. You will receive an email from Sign Up Genius confirming that you have signed up.
You can always call the office or email sydne@amluth.org and we can plug you in!

Lectors read the lessons from the pulpit as a part of our worship service. You will be sent an email with the readings for that Sunday attached as a PDF earlier in the week so that you can read and practice. On the Sunday you are scheduled to read, attend the service you are scheduled for as normal. Avoid sitting in the balcony so that you can get to the pulpit fairly quickly. After the greeting and prayer of the day, walk up to the pulpit and adjust the microphone as needed. Speak clearly and use a good pace- not too fast, and not too slow. If you stumble, just keep going. After you are done with the readings, you can return to your seat.

Greeters serve 20 minutes before the scheduled start of worship services. Duties include smiling and welcoming folks. One person should be posted at the front doors and one at the ramp leading to the sanctuary.

Arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled service time.
Direct people to bulletins, offering box, etc.
Approximately 10 minutes before the service starts, ring the bell located on the stairs going to the balcony.
During Communion, dismiss the pews from the center aisle beginning at the front of the sanctuary and work your way to the back.
Count all people in attendance, including the pastors, volunteers, musicians, sound person, balcony, etc. and make a note on and attendance slip. This can be turned in with the offering. The best time to do this is during the sermon.
People can place any offerings in the box. Ensure that the offerings are locked in the office. You can also give the offerings to a pastor or office staff.
Keep an eye out for any safety or security concerns. Please remain in the ushering area during the whole service and not sit elsewhere in the sanctuary or balcony. This allows the ushers to keep an eye on who is entering and exiting the church.
After service is over, and if applicable, straighten the bulletins and put out for the next service.
Straighten the pews by putting materials in their correct place and throwing away any trash.

Communion Servers:
During the prayer portion of the service, assistants should quietly leave the service to wash their hands/sanitize and then assemble at the west door to the altar. At the end of the prayers and prior to the beginning of the communion service, assistants should line up between the pulpit and altar, ready to receive communion. The pastors will serve you first. You will be handed either a tray of wine or a plate of bread. If you will be handing out bread, place it in the communicant's open hand and say- "The body of Christ, given for you." If you are handing out wine or juice, had the communicant the cup and say- "The blood of Christ, shed for you." The person will let you know if they would rather have juice, otherwise people generally take wine.


Fellowship Hosts:
Fellowship time is easy! We are looking for folks to bring cookies, serve, and clean-up during coffee hour on Sunday mornings. Coffe is ready and set out for you. Simply put out cookies and water, and load the dishwasher with cups used. Arrive and have things ready by 9:15a.m.


Sound Techs:
Arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of service. Turn on the amplifier located behind the sanctuary. The sound board is located in the balcony. Turn on the power to the sound board. Turn microphones on and off by pushing a button as needed by following along with the bulletin and the service. Turn the sound board and amplifier off after the last service of the morning.